How do I change my password?

You must change password of your Hotmail account regularly in order to secure your account. Your co-workers, friends might able to guess your password by regular notice or they misuse your account when you have forgotten to log out from your account.

In order to change your password click on this link

You have to follow this some easy to change your existing hotmail password. You must enter your current password and then twice enter your new password in next field . you can tick the check-box if you want to change your password in every 72 days. Then click “Save” option and proceed further. In order to reset your password go to the link “” or you can also recover hotmail password. At first enter your Microsoft account in the first field and enter the character you see on the next field. After that you must enter your valid email address to get verified . Click Next and then the code is sent in your phone or email inbox.

Instructions to Hotmail Change Password or Change Hotmail Password

If you have registered an hotmail account, you might want to keep your account secure by periodically changing its password. Here are some quick procedure you should follow in order to change your Hotmail password.

Step 1. Login to your Hotmail mail account.

Step 2. At interface, at the top right corner you can see your account name or your profile, click on it. Then select View account.

Step 3. Next, click on Security on the menu, then select CHANGE PASSWORD.

Step 4. Retype your password again.

Step 5. You have to enter your current password, and type your new password and re-type the same password, then click Save to change your password.

To ensure that nobody can read your email or even send something from your Windows Live Hotmail account, you should change your Hotmail password right now and then, every few weeks at least.

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