Hotmail SMTP Server

Hotmail is the internet based mailing service which is provided free. Nowadays hotmail has been known as  You can use any of the web browsers to get to access to your hotmail account. It is most important to set up Hotmail SMTP Server in order to do that. The set up process is so simple. Putting the limit on the out coming emails on SMTP of own Hotmail which is used to determine the people who spreads spam from the advantage taken of it and work better of their IPS which has been shared without queues of emails. So maximum of 300 message can be send by you for a single day and about 100 recipients need to be handled for one message.

If you want to set up an operation of email marketing or you want excess relays, the services of professional outbound server need to be rely by you which makes you to send unlimited messages. Unlike you would be given 600 free mails for every months by Hotmail Turbo SMTP, forever.


You need to run your application and then open the configuration panel in order to set up the Hotmail SMTP Server. After the configuration panel has been opened ,you need to enter following details.

Hotmail SMTP Server Configuration

  • Server name of Hotmail SMTP :
  • User name of Hotmail SMTP : hotmail account (yourself)
  • Password of Hotmail SMTP : password of your hotmail account
  • Port ( Hotmail SMTP ) : 25 or 465

After then you need to another step “your security and authentication”, and there you need to select the appropriate options. And if you want to know more information about SMTP configuration you can also visit the official website of Hotmail. There you can get all the detail information about Hotmail SMTP Server and the steps that you need to follow.

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